Occupied Japan Collectibles

Discover interesting and highly collectible items made in Japan during the brief World War II period when the country was known as Occupied Japan.

At the end of the war, the Allied Powers were the first foreigners to ever occupy the Japanese island nation. This occupation ended officially in September 8, 1951 with the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Japan made inexpensive china and porcelain items during and after World War II.

Americans of that era viewed Japanese-made items as inferior to those made in England and elsewhere in Europe. However, the Japanese items were plentiful and cheap. Nevertheless, time has elevated the items made and stamped during the occupation to the status of collectible. Many of these 'Occupied Japan' antiques are available in perfect condition. Browse through the wide range of collectibles offered on eBay and find some bargains!

Occupied Japan Doll

Occupied Japan Camera